Some Android phone models and OS versions tend to keep Internet connectivity on using cellular network if they are connected to a Wi-Fi that has no Internet access.

This can cause problems when connecting to a Twinkly_xxxxxx network for the initial setup.

There are some “smart network” settings that you can try to turn off. Their naming can be different between operating system versions, brands or even between models under the same brand.

If you are experiencing issues on connecting to a Twinkly network on Android you can try one or more of the following:

  • “Forget” the Twinkly_xxxxxx Wi-Fi by long tapping on the network name on the Wi-Fi networks list (see and start over. You should be prompted with a popup that asks to connect to this Wi-Fi anyway even if it doesn’t have Internet. Check the “Do not show again” option and tap OK. If this option does not show, forget the network again and restart your phone before retrying.

  • If you get a different popup that says "The Internet connection via this Wi-Fi network is unstable" that asks you to enable Auto Network Switching, click Cancel instead (also check “Do not show again”) so the network won’t automatically switch to cellular.

  • Check for “Smart network switching” or “Adaptive Wi-Fi” settings. You can turn them off by navigating to Connections > WiFi > Advanced > Adaptive Wi-Fi.

  • If you have Developer mode enabled, check for “Aggressive wifi cellular handover” in Developer settings and turn it off.

  • Check if you have a “Connections Optimizer" setting. Go to Settings > More > Mobile networks, look for Connections Optimizer and if it’s there turn it off.

  • Temporarily disable cellular connectivity when accessing the Twinkly_xxxxxx Wi-Fi.