Creating a group of Twinkly allows you to extend the number of led lights to which apply the same effect.

To create a group of Twinkly, you need to connect each Twinkly to the local Wi-Fi through the Twinkly mobile app.

Add all of yours Twinkly to the same network

Follow both the steps of the guided procedure for each Twinkly you want to manage.

  1. Direct Connect Twinkly to your smartphone
  2. Connect your Twinkly to the local Wi-Fi network

Ensure that you always connect your Twinkly to the same local Wi-Fi networks so you can manage them together and create groups.

Creating a group 

Open the app and open the “Devices” menu
Click on “Create Group”

Give your group a name
The app will ask you to add the group’s name, which will be useful to distinguish them later on.
Give them the name you prefer, it might be the name of the setting, like “Sitting room” or “Outdoors”, or of a decoration, like “Big tree”

Choose to create a Join Group or a Sync Group

Join Groups make your different Twinkly act like a great big Twinkly, meaning:

  • They extend the number of available lights up to the sum of led lights on each Twinkly
  • They have a group layout
  • They can be mapped as a single device
  • Once you’ll have mapped all your led lights in your group, you’ll be able to apply basic and advanced effects to it.
  • One of the most frequent ways Join Groups are used, are as led lights on on a single tree.

Sync Groups allow the simultaneous application of the effects on all the Twinkly that are part of the group.

  • They extend the number of available lights up to the sum of led lights on each Twinkly.
  • Each Twinkly keeps its basic layout, even if it has been mapped.
  • Sync Groups cannot be mapped as a single device.

Important! You can create a Sync Group only among Twinkly with the same number of led lights. 

Now you know it all! Free your fantasy to create amazing group effects!