With Twinkly you can create wonderful animations for your decorations!

Create a custom Loop Effect

  1. Select the device for which you want to create a new effect
  2. Access the Gallery Effect 
  3. Click on the icon  “+” on the top right of the page or on the icon at the end of the gallery.
  4. To create a static effect click on “Loop Effect”

Differently from the static effects the dynamic ones involve different LEDs at different times, so you’ll be able to control the time option as well. Its indicator is on the top right of the screen and indicates the total time of “execution” of the effect.

Select the Color

First, select the color you want to apply: move the cursor “color” left and right to select the right color.

Select the tool

Choose the tool you want to use to draw the effect on your basic layout / layout, being it basic or mapped by you.

  • Pencil: for a subtle and light stroke, it allows you to select just a few LED lights at a time and apply a full color.
  • Brush: for a thicker stroke, it allows you to select more LED lights at a time and apply a full color.
  • Magic Wand: It applies to the selected LEDs a trembling effect, that will remind you of fairy dust.  
  • Rubber: it erases the effect from the LEDs that you’ll touch.

Apply or erase the color with the selected tool

Once selected the tool, touch the LEDs on which you want to intervene.

You can select single LEDs or work on groups moving your finger on the screen.

Observe the color you applied appearing and disappearing on the layout according to the movement of the “time” indicator.

The “time” indicator goes on turning to give you the chance of adding a new color on a new selection of led lights at the right moment.

Select a new color and a new tool. Wait for the right moment to come and add the LEDs you want to add.

Click on “Save” to save the effect and give it a name, your effect will be available in the main gallery, from where you’ll be able to add it to your favourites.