The incredible effects you can create with Twinkly are what makes Twinkly so special!

Tired of the usual Christmas lights? Twinkly is here to amaze you! Get ready to apply awesome effects to your Christmas decorations!

Apply an effect

Get to know how to apply effects to your Twinkly!

  • Pre-set effects
    To access the gallery of the preinstalled effects, just connect Twinkly to a power socket and repeatedly press the central button on the controller.

  • Gallery of effects
    On the Twinkly app, you’ll find a gallery of effects for each product. We created them to be immediately applied, saved as favourite and modified.

To make the most of your smart decoration, connect Twinkly to your smartphone.

Remember: to apply group effects to more than a Twinkly, first create a group of Twinkly.

Open the gallery

Once Twinkly has been set up on your smartphone,  with a direct connection or with a connection to your local Wi-Fi  open the gallery section on your app.

Did you set up more than a Twinkly on your smartphone?
Decide on which Twinkly or Twinkly group apply the effect selecting it on the menu “Device”.

Effect Preview

Select one of the effects to see the full screen layout and see the preview in action on your Twinkly.

Click on the heart-shaped icon to add the effect to your favourites and have quick access to the selected effects later on.

Is there any music around you? Click on the soundwave icon and adapt the rhythm of the effect to that of your music.