If you are installing a string of lights, this procedure allows the app to identify and map the LEDs within the space. 

This way, you can apply advanced effects on your smart decoration.

If you are installing a Pre-lit Tree, mapping lets you apply the most stunning effects especially designed for this product.

This step is not necessary if you are installing Twinkly Figures, Wall/Curtain/Icicles, Pre-lit Decors, or Cones.

Note: installing extensions

Some products are set up for physical add-on extensions so you can have more lights. If you are asked, state if you have extensions or not.

You can always modify this setting later.

  1. Map Lights
    Click on Menu > Layouts > Map Lights and accept, giving the app permission to access your smartphone camera.

  2. Set up the shot
    Focus your smartphone camera on the LED. Hold the frame steady.

    Tips for perfect mapping:
    -Make sure there is no light reflected from windows, mirrored surfaces, shiny floors or other reflective objects nearby.
    - Lower the surrounding lights for stronger contrast between the LED and ambient lighting, making it easier for the app to pick out the LED.
    - Avoid spaces that are too dark. In the dark the smartphone camera may detect a haze around the LED which makes it difficult to map individual LED.

  3. Launch Mapping
    The LEDs will start flashing quickly. The magic has begun!


  4. The LED on your Twinkly are now mapped!

    Now your smartphone has a map of your Twinkly's LED positions in the space.
    This step is essential for start experimenting with truly amazing effects!