The controller is the branded box on the cord between the first LED and the AC adapter.

It's an essential part of every Twinkly product, because it contains the electronic components that make Twinkly works, including the Wi-Fi module.

Besides allowing Twinkly to talk to the mobiThe controller includes two lights and a buttonle app on your smartphone, it allows you to:

  • Thanks to the button, swipe through and set basic effects, preset on your Twinkly.
  • Reset the product  if there are problems.

The controller includes two lights and a button that could be important to Identify the status of your Twinkly.


  • ON: the controller receives power and is able to operate.
  • OFF: your Twinkly doesn't receive power.


  • OFF: your Twinkly is ready to be connected to your smartphone.
  • ON: your Twinkly is correctly connected to a local Wi-Fi network. Please note that to control Twinkly it is necessary to connect your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network to which Twinkly is connected.
  • SHORT FLASHES: indicates the execution of an activity like an animation change.
  • PERSISTENT FLASHES: Twinkly is configured to access a local Wi-Fi network and is attempting to connect. If it does not stop flashing after few minutes,  it's possibile that you are exeperiencing a connection issue. 

Connect Twinkly to your smartphone by Wi-Fi and to advanced functions that make Twinkly special like customized effects and creating groups for spectacular effects synced and music sensitive!