Every year Twinkly improves its existing products and adds new products to its range.

Here are the 2018 Twinkly products:

Multicolour RGB Strings

These are classic strings of Christmas lights. They are available with 56, 105, 175 and 225 LEDs. You can group them together using the Twinkly smartphone app. Discover them on the Twinkly website.

Multicolour RBW Strings  Special Edition
These strings of Twinkly lights are available with 175 and 225 LEDs. They feature a clear bulb (classic Twinkly bulbs are opaque) and emit a particularly warm white light.
The Special Edition strings let you create light effects that echo traditional Scandinavian Christmas lights.
Discover them on the Twinkly website.

Icicle (USA) /Wall/Curtain
This Twinkly creation makes for easy decoration of walls, terraces, balconies or windows and virtually any other vertical surface.
They have a horizontal main cable and a variable number of vertical drop light strings. Unlike standard strings, the wire is clear, not green. Discover all the sizes and variants on the Twinkly products page.

Snowman and Reindeer are Twinkly's most fun creations. They're proper light sculptures which you can enhance with all the Twinkly effects and associate other Twinkly products using the iOS and Android smartphone mobile app.
Discover Cone, Reindeer and Snowman on the Twinkly products page.

Pre-lit Decor
Twinkly's most traditional creations, but smart too: a Wreath and a Garland, whose thick, green branches are decorated with Twinkly LEDs, ready to be used.
Discover them on the Twinkly products page.

Pre-lit Tree
The Twinkly Christmas Trees are brand new this season. These trees have lovely thick, green branches and come in different sizes. They are conveniently pre-assembled with all the Twinkly lights you need for perfect illumination and creation of effects.
Connect them to other Twinkly products via the mobile app to create spectacular group effects.

Discover all the sizes and variants of the Pre-lit Tree on the Twinkly products page.