Once the different Twinkly have been connected to the home Wi-fi network (see How can I connect Twinkly to my Wifi network?), you can create a group of devices up to a maximum of 4 and synchronize them so that they all reproduce the same effect at the same time (link it does not take place via a physical cable, but via an app).

How to activate Sync between multiple Twinkly? From the Devices menu, create a group of devices and assign the Sync mode from Type.

Step by Step Guide:

To create a Sync Group go on:

  1. Devices Menu

  2. Tap on “Create Group” Button

  3. Give a name to the group by pressing on “Name”

  4. Select “Sync” from Type

  5. Tap on Choose Devices and select the Devices You want to group, A rescan button helps in case some device is missing. 

  6. Select “Save” on the top right of the Screen

Once the new device group is created, a new device will be visible in the device page, showing also the number of devices included in the group.

See tutorial: http://support.twinkly.com/solution/articles/22000215506-device-grouping-join-sync-feature-tutorial