To create a new effect, start from the effect Gallery; if you are not there already, touch the menu button at the top left and choose Gallery.

Touch New at the top right and you will be asked which kind of effect you want to create, if:

  • static: simpler, the LEDs maintain the same color
  • loop: richer, you will be able to create a sort of "mini movie" played continuously

Draw your effect using the selector to choose the color and 4 tools, from left to right:

Disegna il tuo effetto usando il selettore per scegliere il colore e 4 strumenti, da sinistra a destra:

  1. Brush: normal draw
  2. Pencil: thinner draw, to touch on LED at the time
  3. Magic wand: twinkling effect
  4. Rubber: turn off the LEDs

If you have chosen a loop effect, at the top will be shown also a bar displaying the loop timing.

Remember that if you want a relation between where you draw and the light on the tree, before creating a new effect you must calibrate, see How to make a good calibration?

Once you like the effect you created, touch Save, you will be asked to name your effect.

As the title in inserted, you will find your new effect at the bottom of the Gallery.