If, notwithstanding the advices give in How to make a good calibration?, the results are not satisfactory, it is possible to use as an alternative the assisted manual placement.

To do this, select Calibration from the menu and then follow the link Try to place the manually.

By activating this feature, some LEDs will light up with different colors, showing how to place Twinkly on the tree, see the below screenshot.

You must then start placing the string on one side of the tree, starting from the bottom left corner and proceeding in a "serpentine" fashion up to the tree top. The colored LED help with the positioning:

  • Blue LEDs : to be placed at the bottom;
  • Green LEDs : on the right side of the tree (when you reach a green LED, invert direction);
  • Red LEDs : on the left side of the tree (when you reach a red LED, invert direction);
  • White LED : to be placed on the very top of the tree.

Once the placement is completed, go Back and to the Gallery to apply the effect you like.