ON: the controller receives power and is able to operate.


  1. OFF: indicates that the  Twinkly is configured as a Wi-Fi hot-spot and generates the Twinkly_XXXXXX network in order to receive operational commands.
  2. SHORT FLASHES: indicate the execution of an activity sent via smartphone or directly from the controller (for example animation change, saving, etc).
  3. ON: indicates that Twinkly is connected to a local Wi-Fi network (for example, home Wi-Fi, office, etc.). To control Twinkly it is necessary to connect your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network to which Twinkly is connected.
  4. FLASHING: Indicates that Twinkly is configured to access a local Wi-Fi network and is attempting to connect. If it does not stop flashing after a few minutes, it is advisable to check that the local Wi-Fi network is up and running.

For more info on the Wi-Fi modes, see How I can connect Twinkly to my SmartPhone?

For more info on the controller, see also What is the CONTROLLER?