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App iOS - Errore layout

Buongiorno, ogni volta che avvio l’app mi vengono presentati gli effetti disponibili ma si accendono solo su metà albero, anche nell’app viene mostrata l’animazione solo su metà albero, orizzontalmente. Da metà in giù si illumina. Ad es andando a selezionare l’effetto l’albero si illuminerà a metà. Per risolvere il problema, ogni volta che avvio l’ App devo selezionare il layout, nel mio caso 3d, per far tornare l’illuminazione su tutto l’albero.

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Allego screenshot
My app keeps doing this as well
Since today I experience the same problem via my ipad pro. On my Samsung s7 edge, this issue doesn’t occur. Resetting the Ipad or the lights by switching them off, doesnt solve the issue. The problem only switches sometimes from the device formats to the cloud formats.. So it aren’t the Twinkly leds but the app. Twinly team, how to solve this! See screen shits of the app..
So it seems this is an iOS issue. I have installed the app on my Galaxy Note 8 and it definitely works better. It remembers my timers and I don't get the weird half a tree issue that I get on the iOS app.
Yes, it’s definitely the app on IOS. Unfortunately yesterday’s update still has this bug. The Dutch translation of the app is great and welcome. I also noticed that some “saved” or “favorite” designs are disappearing or adjust the colors themselves.. All in all a crapy app on ios.. Twinkly please solve!

I installed the iOS app update today, and I've just started seeing this problem.

There have been a few issues:

  1. The half-light issue in the gallery (Pressing edit then adjusting the speed seems to correct this issue)
  2. The cloud gallery (pressing the cloud button at the bottom) now reports "An error occurred while loading the effects. Please check your internet connection"
  3. I can't login or sign up to your website using my email address
  4. Forgot password now reports "You are not authorised to access this portal. Kindly contact your helpdesk administrator."
  5. Signing into the site with google does not work (reported an SSL error)
  6. Signing into the site with Twitter does work, its how I logged into report these problems

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