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missing led’s

i have a problem with some led’ in the middle (they don’t want to light up) i made the installation correctlly I played through the menu and i find’t the secttion (56 led’s, 112 led’s and 175 led’s) I selected them one at a time, and cracked at 112 LEDs they don’t want to light up all 175 led’s there is any solution for this problem ??? you don’t have in application (restore to factory setting’s) please help !

2 people have this problem

I have this problem too
Me too
Just done factory reset ... and five bukbs are still un lit!

Are you using an add on LED set?

Does the LED turn on when you do a reset?

  1. unscrew the bolt for the add-on LED strip
  2. unplug the add on strip
  3. plug in the add on strip, but leave the bolt unscrewed
  4. unplug twinkly
  5. hold the button down on twinkly
  6. while holding down the button, plug twinkly in
  7. keep holding twinkly till all the LEDs turn red. 

did all the LED on both strips turn on?

if so, 
  1. connect to the twinkly wifi
  2. open twinkly app
  3. touch menu
  4. touch devices
  5. touch "i" to the right of  twinkly_XXXXXX
  6. touch Active Leds
  7. touch the correct LED count
  8. touch back 
  9. touch back
  10. touch menu
  11. touch effects gallery
  12. touch rainbow
  13. touch save
With all the LEDs on, slowly and gently tighten the bolt. If you over tighten the bolt, the LEDs will turn off. If that happens, loosen the bolt till the LEDs turn back on. 

All LEDs were working for me until today. Now suddenly 6 lights on my add-on strip have stopped working. Any chance this is related to the latest update? If there is a fix I can try I will drop it or I'll have took return the add-on strip to the retailer.
Mine are still out despite doing everything possible. 7 bulbs out is not good especially when spent £60! Was in contact with the help desk who then requested a video of my lights ... sent it two days running but now i dont get a reply .... honestly don’t suppose they coukd do much with a video of lights out ! Not happy
Mines doing the same. Only happens from time to time but once it does happen I find I have to do a hard reset. Pretty annoying.
I thought I had a breakthrough earlier. I completely powered off the lights at the wall instead of using the app. When I powered them back on the six leds were working again. For a few minutes. they turned off again and now powering off at the wall is not making them come back on again. I guess since the Twinkly support team are not bothering to respond, I have no choice but to ask the retailer to swap the add on out to see if a different one works properly.
I've exchanged the add-on set and so far so good. All lights are working. I'd suggest if you're within your return period you get the lights swapped.
6 bulbs off is probably a hardware problem (shit, are we still talking christmas lights?)... Check the wires on first bulb from the segment
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